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Sustainable Aviation Fuel Grand Challenge Roadmap

An airplane taking off from the runway with the words Flight Plan for Sustainable Aviation Fuel in the background.


SAF Grand Challenge Roadmap: Flight Plan for Sustainable Aviation Fuel report cover

Download the full version of the SAF Grand Challenge Roadmap: Flight Plan for Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

The Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Grand Challenge Roadmap outlines coordinated policies and actions by relevant U.S. government agencies to support stakeholders in realizing the 2030 and 2050 goals of the SAF Grand Challenge. The roadmap enables agencies to coordinate activities in research, development, and demonstration to catalyze technology innovation, public–private partnerships, policy frameworks, and investments needed to address barriers to achieving the SAF Grand Challenge goals. Under the roadmap, federal agencies will coordinate with the aviation industry, fuel producers, agriculture, research, academia, state/local/tribal governments, and others to accelerate growth of a domestic SAF industry that utilizes U.S. manufacturing capacities and the U.S. workforce, contributes to U.S. energy security, aids economic growth in rural America, and supports a just transition to a low-carbon aviation future.

The roadmap has and will continue to incorporate input from key stakeholders to ensure alignment of government and industry actions. The roadmap is the beginning of an evolving, collaborative, and dynamic process. Regular updates will be informed by technological progress, market developments, and analysis activities.

Action Areas for the SAF Grand Challenge Roadmap

The roadmap lays out six action areas spanning all activities with the potential to impact the SAF Grand Challenge objectives of (1) expanding SAF supply and end use, (2) reducing the cost of SAF, and (3) enhancing the sustainability of SAF.

CO2 from the air aids feedstock production, is converted to SAF, which leads to end use of jet fuel, releasing CO2 back into the air. SAF Supply Chain, Policy and Valuation, and Communicating Progress and Building Support are at the foundation.

The SAF Grand Challenge Roadmap overview figure depicts how the six action areas address barriers across the entire supply chain from innovations in feedstock supply through end use. Within each of the six action areas are workstreams that define critical topics to be addressed.

Rows of carinata feedstock in a field.

Feedstock Innovation

A scientist looks at three bottles of clear fuel in the lab.

Conversion Technology Innovation

An airplane takes off from the airport and flies over a tanker of biofuel.

Building Supply Chains

A writing pen sits on top of lined paper.

Policy and Valuation Analysis

A mechanic repairs a jet engine in a hangar.

Enabling End Use

Two men talking at a poster session open house.

Communicating Progress and Building Support