Board Members

The Biomass Research and Development (BR&D) Board was established by the Biomass Research and Development Act of 2000PDF (continued under Section 9008 of the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002, as revised by Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (FCEA)PDF and the Agricultural Act of 2014PDF), and the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018PDF).

The BR&D Board coordinates programs within and among departments and agencies of the federal government to promote the use of biofuels, bioproducts, and biopower. Provided below is a list of the BR&D Board's politically appointed members.

Photo Co-Chairs Title Affiliation
photo of Daniel Simmons Daniel Simmons Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Department of Energy
photo of Scott Hutchins Scott Hutchins Deputy Under Secretary for Research, Education, and Economics Department of Agriculture
Photo Members Title Affiliation
photo of Deerin Babb-Brott Deerin Babb-Brott Acting Lead, Energy and Environment Division Office of Science and Technology Policy
photo of Sharlene Weatherwax Sharlene Weatherwax Associate Director of Science for Biological and Environmental Research Department of Energy
photo of Al McGartland Al McGartland Director, National Center for Environmental Economics, Office of Policy Environmental Protection Agency
photo of Dawn Tilbury Dawn Tilbury Assistant Director, Directorate for Engineering National Science Foundation
photo of Kathleen Benedetto Kathleen Benedetto Senior Advisor to the Bureau of Land Management Department of the Interior
photo of Bette Brand Bette Brand Administrator for Rural Business Service, Rural Development Department of Agriculture
Vacant Appointed Member Department of Transportation
photo of William Bray William Bray Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research Development Test and Evaluation Department of the Navy

Board Operations Committee Members

  • Jonathan Male, Director, Bioenergy Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Kristen Johnson, Board Operations Committee Liaison, Technology Manager, Bioenergy Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Gail McLean, Photochemistry and Biochemistry Team Lead, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, U.S. Department of Energy
  • William Hohenstein, Director, Climate Change Program Office, Acting Director, Offices of Energy Policy and New Uses and Environmental Markets, Office of the Chief Economist, U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Mark Brodziski, acting Deputy Administrator, Business Programs, Rural Development, U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Wade Salverson, Stewardship Coordinator and Biomass Forester, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Department of the Interior
  • Jim Caley, Director of Operational Energy, U.S. Department of the Navy
  • Shawn Johnson, Senior Advisor, U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Nathan Brown, Alternative Jet Fuels Project Manager, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Brian Heninger, Economist, National Center for Environmental Economics, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Carole Read, Program Director in the Engineering Directorate, National Science Foundation​